Care Agency / Facilities

REHABILITATION AT HOME,  Is the preferred provider of Physiotherapy & Allied Health treatment, intervention and training for care facilities and community based care agencies across Southeast Queensland........

Presently, Rehabilitation At Home provides services for an ever increasing number of High Care disability packages, funding streams, Nursing facilities and community care agencies.  Our services cater to a variety of patient populations including; Complex Trauma, Orthopaedic, Musculoskeletal, Work Injury, ABI, Spinal, Stroke, Neurological, Post-Surgical, Aged Care, Paediatrics and Respiratory.

I believe that your organisation would significantly benefit from having the expertise of Rehabilitation At Home on board your team.  

The following is a summary of services that Rehabilitation At Home has available for THE FACILITY and COMMUNITY CARE AGENCY:

 The Patient

  • New resident "Resident Needs Assessment"
  • Equipment prescription and organisation
  • Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation
  • Mobility and Maintenance Program
  • "Falls prevention" program
  • "Chronic pain" management program
  • "Manual Handling" training
  • "Pressure care" wound prevention program


The Nursing Staff

  • Quality "Manual Handling" training (Three level program)
    • Nursing Employees- 4 - 7 hours each course (Documentation and certificates supplied)
    • Ancillary Employees- 1.5 hour course (Documentation and certificates supplied)
  • Manual Handling facility "Risk Assessment and Prevention" program
  • Education training- eg. disability, disease and illness, pressure management 


The Nursing Facility

  • Work Cover injury claim reduction/avoidance system. Start saving significant money now!
  • Employee treatment / return to work program
  • Confidential Injury Clinic for employees
  • Employee "Clinical Pilates" class- This class is designed to increase spinal strength, reduce injury rates and promote a positive team environment.


The Village

  • Rehabilitation and Maintenance therapy-  In-home treatment
  • Hydrotherapy- Group/ Individual
  • Mobility Therapy- Group/ individual classes
  • Post surgical- In Home rehabilitation
  • "Chronic Pain" management community clinic
  • Healthy Heart Walking Group


Communty Based Packages

Rehabilitation At Home has extensive experience with the provision and management of physiotherapy and Allied Health intervention treatment for those patients utilizing CDC packages in the community setting. We currently work closely with many of the South East Queensland community care agencies to provide physiotherapy and allied health education, carer training, patient intervention and maintenance therapy. Strong…. agencies across South East Queensland regions and are now receiving a level of expertise and their patients a subsequent mobility and improved quality of life that was not previously possible.  



A high quality community agency or facility requires a holistic physiotherapy and Allied Health service that is able to provide services for all levels of care (Low to High Care). In doing so residents will maintain a greater quality of life with less falls, hospitalizations and avoidable physical decline. They will enjoy increased functional capacity, socialisation and independence.

All physiotherapy and Allied Health services may be introduced as required or preferred by the facility or community agency. Rehabilitation At Home will ensure continuity of service at all times by ensuring that there are always two physiotherapists and one mobility therapist providing services to the facility/community agency and surrounding village. Disruption to physiotherapy and Allied Health services as result of physiotherapist holidays and sick days will be a problem of the past as Rehabilitation At Home is able to provide an alternate physiotherapist to ensure continuity of care at all times.   

Rehabilitation At Home is committed to ensuring that your facility / care agency and its residents are afforded the highest quality of professional physiotherapy and Allied Health intervention and management available. Our experienced and enthusiastic team looks forward to working within your facility and adopting your facility's philosophies and values.

Simply call Rehabilitation At Home and a clinical manager will be more than happy to arrange a mutually suitable meeting time in order to discuss these services in greater detail.

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