Masters Degree in Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Exercise Science
Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment
Course developer, Facilitator, presenter and assessor for Manual Handling training
Assistant Professor Bond University

Mr Docherty established Rehabilitation At Home in 2004. Mr Docherty was working within the hospital system as a rehabilitation physiotherapist when he realised the enormous need for ongoing rehabilitation treatment of discharged patients. The service he created immediately provided the only dedicated private, ongoing, intensive physiotherapy service available outside the hospital system. Rehabilitation, injury maintenance and maintenance therapy for low to high care patients in South East QLD is now available due to his vision. In home/facility services are provided on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW areas. In addition to our home & facility based services, Rehabilitation At Home currently has twenty-two rehabilitation/injury management clinics across the South East Region.

Rehabilitation At Home is built on a passionate desire to make a difference both in individual lives and in the quality of customer service provided to its patients, contracting organisations and facilities.

Due to this, Mr Docherty & his team have developed many strong relationships with individual patients & care providers by assisting patients in maintaining their maximum functional capacity and independence despite whichever disability, disease or illness they may be enduring.

Over the last decade, Mr Docherty has worked very hard to ensure that his team is comprised of the highest quality health professionals available. All of the health professionals within his organisation are highly skilled, with many holding multiple tertiary qualifications in their respective areas of expertise. Furthermore, many of the health professionals are specialists and have subsequently spent numerous years gathering knowledge in their chosen field. As a result of the excellent staff, Rehabilitation At Home has now become the preferred service for many patients, agencies & organisations throughout South East Queensland.


Shamir Patel joined Mr Docherty and the Rehabilitation at Home team as General Manager / Principal in 2012 and has brought with him vast business and management expertise to ensure Rehabilitation at Home continues to provide the highest quality of service to its patients. Shamir, Mr Docherty and the team have the vision to expand the range of existing services provided by Rehabilitation at Home to ensure they reach a wider community of patients.

Shamir's professional background to date has been extensive and very successful over the past 15 years. Experience has been gained in parallel areas of human services where Shamir was the Principal of a number of centres, growing the service to require 240+ staff at any one time.

Shamir maintains an essential non-clinical role within the  Rehabilitation At Home organisation.  It is within the scope of his portfolio to maximise administrative efficiency and accuracy, maintain the highest level of quality assurance, as well as develop and support new and existing relationships with other service providers and industry associates.

Additionally, it is his responsibility to ensure that the dedicated staff at Rehabilitation At Home always have the latest and up to date required clinical resources and facilities at hand to ensure maximum positive outcomes for all its patients. 


To deliver quality, intensive, long-term treatment and management to all community members experiencing significant disability, disease, illness and injury.


  • Professional, compassionate staff
  • Inspiring leadership
  • Dignity and respect to all people




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