Patient Stories


Greg Clark, aged 55yrs, is a current patient of RAH. He is an avionics engineer & owner of Complete Avionics, a light aircraft maintenance company,
Greg experienced an unprecedented stroke in 2009. Plaque from his carotid artery broke away & lodged in the left side of his brain. "I knew I was having a stroke as the right side of my body began to shut down" says Greg. "I managed to get myself to Pindara Hospital; however they were not equipped to deal with stroke patients so I was transferred to another hospital"

Greg commenced intensive hospital rehab & the staff saw his eagerness to recover. The extra time & effort they injected, together with Greg?s desire to recover, saw Greg discharged after only two weeks, "Which is a record" says Greg. "I then went to hospital rehab for the next month, attending three times each week for three hour sessions." Unfortunately out of the three hours I only spent a very small amount of time face-to-face with a physio."After this period I was contacted by a number of business associates who all recommended Travis Docherty & Rehabilitation At Home to me. They had heard of people who were in treatment with the service getting very good results. So I did contact RAH & Travis, & commenced treatment in April 2010"

In discussing his progress in the last 12 months Greg says "the results speak for themselves! I wasn?t getting the intense
one-on-one rehab treatment before like I am with RAH. In the one year I have had treatment here I have made a 90% recovery, but the last 10% will be hard. My progress has been quickening & my neurologist expects I will see a full recovery from the stroke this year."

In asking Greg what he would say about Rehabilitation At Home & his treatment, he had this to say; "The staff have unprecedented qualifications in rehabilitation. They share a 100% desire to see their patients make a full recovery & work hard with me to make it happen. I strongly recommend them."
(Interviewed 6th April, 2011 by Sonia Dickson, RAH Customer Relations Manager)

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